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Media Center

Media Center Personnel 
Ms. Lawana Pete
CGMS Media Center Specialist

Ms. Wendy Jackson
CGMS Media Center Specialist Assistant

The media center is the hub of the school and one of the most important spaces in a school. It is the charge of the media specialists to collaborate with teachers and to foster a learning environment that enables students to develop research and critical thinking skills for life long learning.

Our vision is to create a media center that is an integral part of each classroom.

We see the media center as a warm and inviting place, used by students and

teachers for informational purposes as well as recreational reading. The media center supports the curriculum with a wide selection of appropriate materials in various formats.

DeKalb County Copyright Policy
  • Students may check out two books at a time for up to three weeks.
  • Students who have overdue books will not be allowed to check out any other Media Center Materials until their books or a payment for the book has been made.
  • Students who are too loud or who do not appear to be using the media center properly will be asked to return to class.
  • Periodicals are for use in the Media Center only and may not be checked out.
  • Overdue fees are .05 per day, per book.
  • Overdue notices will be printed monthly. If a book is lost the student must pay the purchase price of the book. If the book is found after payment has been received (but during that particular school year) the full amount of money paid will be refunded to the student if and only if they present their receipt. Please refer to DCSS policy IFA-R(1) and Georgia Law #20-2-1013 below for more information.
  • Lost or damaged materials are the responsibility of the borrower.


Lost & Damaged Media Center Book Policies
DeKalb County Board of Education Policy IFA-R(1)
Media Center Materials
Students who lose, destroy, or otherwise damage media center materials shall be required to reimburse the DeKalb County Board of Education for the replacement value of the item.

The price charged for a lost book or other material shall be determined by the replacement value of the material. A processing charge of $1.00 shall also be assessed.

If the material was in very poor condition and so noted on the material’s record when checked out, the media specialist may use personal judgment in prorating the price to be charged.

Georgia Law Number 20-2-1013
Free textbook system; care and protection of textbooks, library books, and media materials; reimbursement by pupils or parents

(a) The State Board of Education is authorized and directed to inaugurate and administer a system of free textbooks for the public schools of this state. The state board shall have authority to promulgate and enforce such rules and regulations as may be necessary for that purpose.

(b) All textbooks, library books, and media materials purchased by local units of administration with state Quality Basic Education Program funds or any other means of acquisition shall remain the property of the local unit purchasing or acquiring them. Each local unit of administration shall establish such policies as it deems necessary for the care and protection of its textbooks, library books, and media materials as a condition to receiving all or part of the state contributed Quality Basic Education Program funds allotted to the local unit. Such policies may include any of the following sanctions against a pupil who fails or refuses to pay for a lost or damaged textbook, library book, or media material at the replacement cost:

(1) Refusal to issue any additional textbooks, library books, or media materials until restitution is made; or

(2)Withholding of all grade cards, diplomas, or certificates of progress until restitution is made. ~~~No local unit of administration shall require any pupil or parent to purchase any textbook, library book, or media material except in cases where the pupil damages, loses, or defaces such item either through willful intent or neglect.

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Media Center Reading Recommendations and Resources

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CGMS Recommended Reading List
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