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Cedar Grove Middle School's primary objective is to provide the opportunity for all students to develop academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, in order to be productive citizens in and out of school. The responsibility of CGMS is to provide quality leadership and successful instructional efforts within a safe school environment conducive to learning. Cedar Grove Middle School actively seeks to involve the community, parents, our partners in education and other stakeholders, sharing the responsibility for providing each student with the opportunity to excel with pride. Our efforts are a testimony to our commitment for helping all students become life-long learners.

 To establish and sustain a high performing culture that inspires our community of learners to achieve educational excellence.
Cedar Grove Middle School prepares students for high school and productive citizenship through performance-based instruction.

Our students will leave as well-rounded adolescents who are able to read and compute on or above grade level, to communicate both verbally and in writing, to work with a team to solve problems, and to access information using all the newest technology.



I am proud to be a Cedar Grove Middle School Scholar.

My school is a SAFE place- No gangs, drugs, or violence.

Tolerant - I WILL work with my peers and educators to become a positive and productive citizen of the world.

Accountable - I WILL participate in school, study every day, complete all assignments, AND turn them in on time!

Respectful - I exemplify good manners, self-control, and respect for myself and others.

Smart - I WILL achieve academic excellence by taking personal responsibility for my learning.

I believe I CAN do ALL things because I BELIEVE in me!

I commit to always shoot for the STARS!

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