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Apr 17

Georgia Milestones ELA Section 1

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Apr 18

Georgia Milestones ELA Section 2

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Apr 19

Georgia Milestones ELA Section 3

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Apr 24

Georgia Milestones Mathematics Section 1

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Apr 25

Georgia Milestones Mathematics Section 2

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Apr 26

Georgia Milestones Social Studies Section 1 and 2 8th Grade Only

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May 1

8th Grade Picnic

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May 21

Awards Day 6th and 7th Grade Times TBA

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May 22

Last Day of School

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Latest News

Georgia Milestones Scholar Resources
The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  

Importantly, Georgia Milestones is designed to provide students with critical information about their own achievement and their readiness for their next level of learning – be it the next grade, the next course, or the next endeavor (college or career).  

Informing parents, educators, and the public about how well students are learning important content is an essential aspect of any educational assessment and accountability system.  

Parents, the public, and policy makers, including local school districts and boards of education, can use the results as a barometer of the quality of educational opportunity provided throughout the state of Georgia.  

8th Grade 

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Please Help Us 

Friday, March 22, 2024 
Greetings Parents/Guardians, 

Beginning Wednesday, April 17, 2024, our scholars will take the Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) Assessment in the following content areas: English Language Arts (6-8), Mathematics (6-8), Science (8) and Social Studies (8). 

 On behalf of the Cedar Grove Middle School scholars, I am asking you to please assist us by donating peppermint candy and or the small sized bottled water for our scholars during testing. We would like to provide each scholar with water and peppermint candy each day of testing. We have about 720 scholars and any amount of the items you can donate will be appreciated. 

In the past years, the peppermint candy & water drive has been successful, and we hope for the same this year.  

 If you decide to donate the requested items, you may drop your donation off at Cedar Grove Middle School beginning Monday, March 25, 2024, through Tuesday, April 9, 2024, from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Some parents/guardians have even had the items delivered from Amazon and other places. Please ensure you provide us with your full name and email address so we can thank you properly. 

"The Washington Post" reported in 2007 that more schools are encouraging students to eat peppermint candy to boost test scores. But is it effective? Peppermint candy contains peppermint oil and sugar, two important ingredients that energize your brain. Research shows that peppermint stimulates the brain by improving memory and increasing alertness while helping it relax. Your body breaks down sugar to glucose -- the main fuel source for your brain. 

Thank you in advance for your support. 
Dr. Scott, Principal 

Greetings 8th Grade Parents/Guardians,
Your scholars received a copy of the End of Year (EOY) 8th Grade Activities Parent Letter on February 28th to give to you. 

Of course, we know you may not always receive information from your scholars; therefore, a copy of the letter is attached. 

Please read the entire document carefully and adhere to all deadlines. Finally, discuss the contents of the letter with your scholars. 
Thank you.

GADOE Math Resources for Middle School
Click the links below for more information

Georgia Milestones Scholar Resources
Click the link below to view Georgia DOE Resources for 
Georgia Milestones Testing Resources:

Georgia Milestones measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state-adopted content standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  
CGMS Georgia Milestones Testing Dates

Wednesday, April 17th  ELA Section 1 
(All Grades)
Thursday, April 18th  ELA Section 2 
(All Grades)
Friday, April 19st  ELA Section 3 
(All Grades)
Monday, April 22th Science Section 1 and 2 
(8th Grade Only)
Tuesday, April 23th Math Section 1 
(All Grades)
Wednesday, April 24th Math Section 2 
(All Grades)
Thursday, April 25th Social Studies Section 1 and 2 
(8th Grade Only)

DeKalb County School District Bookbag Policy

 As we prepare for the upcoming basketball season, please adhere to the DeKalb County School District's policy regarding the clear bag policy at all games in addition to other expectations.  Please read below.
To provide a safe environment for all in attendance, DeKalb County School District (DCSD) Athletics would like to announce that a CLEAR BAG POLICY" WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED AT SPORTING EVENTS INCLUDING BASKETBALL SEASON AT CEDAR GROVE MIDDLE SCHOOL.

  • All persons with purses must adhere to the clear bag policy.
  • Only wristlets and pouches no larger than 4 X 4 will be allowed.
  • Participating athletes are not allowed to bring Uniform/Equipment bags into the Stands nor Corridors. Bags must remain on the field with their teams or in the guest team room.
  • Band instruments/Equipment bags must remain on the track or designated band areas.
  • Athletes/Band members' bags brought into stands or stadium corridors are subject to being searched.
  • Scholars staying for basketball games must leave the building and re-enter from the rear of building at the time of the game.
  • Scholars cannot enter the game with bookbags that are not clear. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • CGMS will not be responsible for monitor bookbags or any other personal items
  • All persons entering basketball games at Cedar Grove Middle School must walk through the Evolve Security System.
DeKalb County Student Code of Conduct 202...
The Code of Student Conduct Handbook outl
DeKalb County School District Code of Student Conduct - English version
ines the policies, rules, and regulations that govern student discipline in the District, including dress code, behavior, bus information, electronic communication devices, violence against students, terroristic threats, school personnel, and other student responsibilities.

The Code of Student Conduct Handbook is intended to inform students in grades K – 12 of the types of behaviors that are unacceptable. Students are taught and tested on the contents of the handbook.

2023 - 2024 Edition

Mission & Vision

The vision of the DeKalb County School District is to inspire our community of learners to achieve educational excellence. Our mission is to ensure student success, leading to higher education, work, and life-long learning. We are making this vision and mission a reality – every day, in every classroom throughout the District.

Through community forums, focus groups, listening sessions, and more, we have engaged our stakeholders, refined our objectives, honed our procedures, and formulated a robust, highly-structured yet agile and adaptive strategic plan. We are pleased with the progress we have made thus far, and excited about the future – of our District, our community, and, most importantly, the 100,000+ students who daily bring to us their limitless potential.

The District has created performance measures, targets, and initiatives to ensure success in each goal area. A monitoring and data collection process has been developed, and rigorous progress check procedures have been implemented. At the local level, on-going training sessions are offered to all principals in order to support the work of aligning, refining, monitoring, and evaluating the continuous improvement efforts of each individual school.

As a community of learners, we are committed to excellence in everything we do – within the classroom and throughout the District. This continuous improvement process permeates each aspect of our Strategic Plan, and we are honored to partner with you to make it a reality for all.