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Cedar Grove Middle Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)

What is PBIS?  
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) describes methods used to identify and support desired behaviors in the school setting. This program is research-based and looks different in every school. PBIS seeks to reduce or eliminate poor behavior school-wide through the encouragement of positive behaviors. 
Over the first few weeks of school, students will participate in lesson designed to teach expectations both in the classroom and throughout common areas in the school.  These expectations are reinforced during the year, and rewards are given to students demonstrating appropriate behaviors.  
The student expectation is STARS (Safe, Tolerant, Respectful, and Smart.)  We believe these are the characteristics of a true Saint, and encourage all students to practice and recognize these qualities in themselves and others. Students who do not meet these expectations receive infractions. 
Cedar Grove Middle School Expectations
S afe 
T olerant
A ccountable
R espectful
S mart   
 Cedar Grove Middle School PBIS Expectations Matrix
PBIS Scholars of the Month
Each month, the sixth, seventh, eighth teams nominate 3 students for PBIS STARS Scholar of The Month Award.  Students are chosen for consistently exemplifying the STARS expectations.  Recipients are awarded with a certificate, an annoucment, and picture on the CGMS website.  In addition, students receive a letter from the PBIS Team  outlining why they were chosen to become as PBIS STARS Scholar Of The Month. 
PBIS Teacher and Staff of the Month

Each month, each department and grade level will select one member to be PBIS STARS Teacher or Staff of the month. Teachers and Staff are chosen by their colleagues who exemplifying the STARS expectations. Recipients are awards a certificate, PBIS appreciate letter an announcement, and picture on CGMS website. 
How Can Parents Help?
Parents are important part of PBIS.  We encourage parents to use the same expectations and rules that the school teaches.   
VIP room design to celebrate our Saints. It is waiting for some dynamic scholars who show weekly STARS expectations. It is open Thursday and Friday.  Remember to always shoot for the STARS. 

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